Bake King Red Velvet Cake Mix


Bake King Red Velvet Cake Mix is easy to make and give you a moist, buttery cake!

Recipe (1 x 9" round cake or 2 x 11"x11" layer cake)

Red Velvet Mix                               1pkt (50og)
Eggs                                                        400g
Vanilla Essence                           1/2 Tbsp
Salted Butter (melted)                250g

1. Beat eggs and essence on medium speed till fluffy.
2. Add in Red Velvet Mix and beat till thick and creamy.
3. Add in melted butter gradually and beat on low speed till combined. 
4. Pour into lined tray and bake at 170°C. 45 to 50min for 9" tin, 30min for a 11"x11" tray.   


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